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Heating controller with digital user interface, equitherm

EQJW 126

Heating controller with digital user interface, equitherm

How energy efficiency is improved

Integrated automatic cut-off for the heating to save energy and convenient timer for programming the system according to individual requirements

Areas of use

Weather-dependent supply temperature control in buildings of all kinds


  • PI supply temperature control by heating curve or 4-point characteristic

  • Convenient to use with modern operating concept (turn and press) and large LCD

  • Convenient weekly and annual switching programmes with optimisation of switching times

  • Automatic summertime/wintertime changeover

  • Min./max. limitation of supply temperature and max. limitation of return temperature

  • Frost-protection facility and pump and valve anti-jamming function

  • Function heating (floor-drying function)

  • Room temperature switching using room temperature sensor

  • Ni/Pt1000 inputs for the outside, supply, return flow and room temperature

  • Relay outputs with varistor suppression for activating control units and pump

  • Manual mode

  • Electrical connection in baseplate

  • Interface for various accessories such as modem, gateway, data logging module etc.

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