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Dual-channel air-volume controller

RLP100F910, F916, F918

Dual-channel air-volume controller

How energy efficiency is improved

For demand-based volume flow control of dual-channel systems in offices


  • Optimum use of energy thanks to RLP100 2-channel controller in combination with room operating units of the TSP, TSFP and TSSP series

  • Compatible with practically all currently-available mixing boxes

  • Suitable for explosion hazard zone 1 II 2 G T6

  • Conformity tested as per EN 13463-1 and EN 1127-1 (ex zone 1 II 2 G T6)

  • Controls constant, switchable or variable air volumes

  • Accurate, static differential pressure sensor with large measuring range

  • Front plate printed with circuit diagrams for easy identification of the controller functions

  • Compressed-air connections with Rp⅛” female thread

  • Special measuring connection for detecting the air volume

  • Low-pressure connections with dual-diameter connector for soft plastic tubing (internal Ø 4 and 6 mm)

  • 2 inputs

    • Command variable

    • Day/night change-over or heating/cooling signal

  • 3 outputs

    • Actual value, air volume

    • Activates two damper actuators, heating and cooling

  • 1 adjuster for setting the sensor measuring range

  • 2 setpoint adjusters for maximum and minimum limitation of the air volume

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