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novaNet-BACnet application master, moduNet300

EY-AM 300

novaNet-BACnet application master, moduNet300

How energy efficiency is improved

Open communication allowing all parts of the optimised plant to operate together


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 2 system family

  • BACnet application master for novaNet

  • To integrate novaNet stations (EY3600, EY-modulo 2) in BACnet/IP systems (EY-modulo 5)

  • Automatic generation of BACnet I/O objects from defined stations based on novaNet

  • Special features such as loop objects and intrinsic reporting for I/O objects

  • Objects that can be generated dynamically, such as time programmes and calendars for optimised, time-controlled installation operation

  • Trend Log objects that can be generated dynamically to analyse the installation

  • Event Enrolment objects that can be generated dynamically for individual notification

  • BACnet/IP network integration with BBMD and/or FD functionality

  • BACnet/IP communication (EN ISO 16484-5)

  • Communication with 2-wire novaNet system bus as novaNet PC

  • Six LEDs for Status, Link, Activity, Speed, novaNet Send, Power

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