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Heating and district heating controller, equitherm

EQJW 146

Heating and district heating controller, equitherm

How energy efficiency is improved

Convenient time programme that enables the system to be adjusted to the individual requirements of the user, and also to be switched off temporarily if required


  • Weather-dependent supply temperature control by heating curve or 4-point characteristic and drinking water heating

  • 29 system models, for example for district heating, single-stage boilers, drinking water heating with solar energy or buffer tank.

  • Convenient to use with modern operating concept (turn and press) and large LCD

  • Convenient weekly and annual switching programmes with optimisation of switching times

  • Automatic summertime/wintertime changeover

  • Min./max. limitation of supply temperature and max. limitation of return temperature

  • Frost-protection facility and anti-jamming function for valve and pump

  • Floor-drying function

  • Function for protecting against legionellae

  • Room temperature switching using room-temperature sensors

  • Ni/PT1000 inputs for the outside, supply, drinking water, return flow and room temperature

  • Relay outputs with varistor suppression for activating control units and pumps

  • Manual mode

  • Logbook (only EQJW146F002)

  • Configurable input/output 0…10 V

  • External demand processing, binary or analogue (0..10 V)

  • Interface for various accessories such as modem, gateway, data logging module etc.

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